OkServer! - The OkS! Project

An ok, lightweight, and straightforward HTTP server!


OkServer!, or OkS! for short, is a project aiming to create a lightweight HTTP server (like Apache or nginx) for anyone with a Linux machine to deploy.
Utilizing Go's server-friendly libraries, OkS! aims to provide a modern and straightforward approach to running a web service.

See Video Demonstration! | Mirror

To be worked on...

it's Libre Software!

OkS! adheres to the philosophy of the GNU Project, and allows anyone to copy, modify, and redistribute OkS!'s code for free, so long as proper attribution is left in.

View the OkS! code here!


OkServer!/OkS! was a project started by Cole Rathbun (@cbrbygones).

Any questions, concerns, and suggestions can be via email.


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